Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The TV Man is Back - the Celebration Has Begun: BuenaVision TV Network Airs This Summer in NY/NJ

New York, NY, May 17, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The TV Man comes back to New York. Carlos Barba, considered one of the founders of Hispanic television in the United States, brings to life the TV station that will entertain all Hispanics in the New York area, but most of all will serve the community that has been forgotten by other media entities.

BuenaVision Television Network brings color New Yorkers life. BuenaVision presents great content full of happiness, music, entertainment and sports. No more drama, just fun! Energetic live shows directly from the affiliate channel in the Dominican Republic, Color Visión, positive programming from Canal 13 Puerto Rico, unique local content and much more, bring life and joy to New Yorkers home through BuenaVision Ch. 3.

As no other channel can, BuenaVision will broadcast around 10 hours of live programming from Color Visión, ranging from serious news and political interviews, to more dynamic programming full of music, comedy and entertainment. Noticias Mundo Visión, Con los Famosos, La Super Revista, Te EstánFacturando, within others, are just some of the live programming from the Dominican Republic that Hispanic New Yorkers will be able to enjoy on BuenaVision.

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