Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rebel Tumbao: recording Afro-Latin-Roots-Reggae!

REBEL TUMBAO…what’s it mean? The word “tumbao” in Spanish slang means “groove” so what we are is “Rebel Groove”!

We (the two founders of Rebel Tumbao: Matt Jenson, keyboardist/composer/arranger and Jose Claussell, percussionist/composer/arranger) came up with the idea to merge the rhythms of Afro-Cuba and the conscious-raising mission of real Roots Reggae about 8 years ago and a few years later were joined by the amazingly talented and charismatic singer Toussaint Yeshua. This kickstarter video documents our work over the last couple of years and includes footage from a concert we did at Piedmont Piano Company in Oakland, CA (with a smaller ‘unplugged’ group) and footage from our recent studio sessions starting the process of recording our debut CD.

We call this new sound AfroLatinRootsReggae. We believe we have successfully married the soul of Afro Latin music with the consciousness of Roots Reggae and found the rhythmic veins that prove that these two musics and their extensions are first cousins, but you be the judge!

The Rebel Tumbao band in its entirety is 7-10 pieces strong including 3 percussionists, 2 back up singers, bass, piano, 2 trombonists and of course our inspired lead singer Toussaint Yeshua.

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