Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Smart marketers connect with Hispanic promotions, meaningful engagements and brand building

Laguna Beach, CA (PRWEB) September 13, 2011 | Hispanic purchasing power in the U.S. is expected to reach more than $1 trillion dollars this year, according to 2010 Census Bureau data. Knowing this fact, businesses and smart marketers looking to improve their bottom line are paying close attention to the growing Hispanic population – a segment the Census reports to have risen in the last 10 years from 35 million to more than 50 million.

How can all marketers grab a larger piece of this pie? According to Specialized Promotions Network (SPN) meaningful engagements are key. This demographic, is also surprisingly brand loyal, according to a report by market research company Mintel. But connecting with Hispanics and building that loyalty means companies need to make a long-term commitment and be sensitive to supporting the events that matter most to this group, including family-centric events.

“We have watched many companies look at this market and fall extremely short when they don’t fully commit,” says Stan Phillips, president at Laguna Beach, CA based Specialized Promotions Network (SPN). SPN has been connecting with this demographic since the 80’s, with a dedicated Hispanic Promotions Agency Division. “Most people say if they hit this market then they’ll get this increase out of it because it’s a big market. But the size of the market has nothing to do with it. It’s the building of the brand within the market over a period of time.”

When you plan your events to support keep in mind that the Hispanic community’s lives generally revolve around the family. Campaigns that focus around family events allow a brand to be part of a passionate experience. Food is an additional passion point that ties into Hispanic marketing and product sampling.

By way of example, combining both family and food elements into long-term engagement via campaigns has helped Mahatma Rice grow its business. SPN can testify to their nearly 20-year commitment to Hispanic marketing. SPN starting running Mahatma’s footprint at events in Southern California in ’82. Today, young and old alike in the Hispanic community recognize Mahatma’s iconic genie. Event sampling and experiential marketing campaigns over the years have included Genie inflatable characters, wheel games with sample bags of rice for prizes, a Mahatma Rice-branded convertible car for local parades, and cooking up authentic rice dishes at select events, which have all helped to build the Mahatma brand. Mahatma’s success speaks for itself. The brand reports that today for every three bags of rice purchased in Southern California, two are Mahatma.

To learn more about Hispanic marketing, building brand loyalty, Hispanic product sampling and event marketing , Specialized Promotions Network is offering a free, downloadable whitepaper entitled, “Consumer Spotlight on: Hispanics, Focusing on Using Live Events to Connect with Different Demographics.” The whitepaper was prepared by SPN for publishing in the industry leading Event Marketer Magazine, whose aim is to serve the information needs of strategic brand–side event marketers and agency executives.

More about Specialized Promotions Network (SPN):
Specialized Promotions Network generates and builds loyal brand advocates for clients because they know events and sampling execution like no other agency. It’s committed to introducing healthy products to families, active consumers, and athletes nationally via the fine art of product sampling. Turn-key product sampling programs include: On-Site Event Sampling and Field Marketing, Goody Bag / Finish Line Sampling, Guerrilla and Intercept Sampling, and Sports and Athlete Sponsorship Programs.

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