Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coca-Cola partners with 9D Media to launch the Coca-Cola Hispanic 3D Ad Network at El Super

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) September 22, 2011 | Next time you enter El Super to do your grocery shopping, you might see a Coca-Cola bottle floating towards you. Beginning on September 21st, 2011 shoppers at one of the nation’s leading and fastest growing independent Hispanic grocery store chains, owned by Bodega Latina Corporation, will experience 3D advertising at its best. The Coca-Cola Hispanic 3D Ad Network is the world’s first “glasses free” 3D digital out of home signage network purely targeting Hispanics. People will see ads floating as far as 2 feet away from the screen allowing consumers to have a much closer experience with various products.

The Coca-Cola Hispanic 3D Ad Network came to life with two 46 Inch flat panel "Glasses Free" 3D displays in all 36 El Super locations in California, Nevada and Arizona. As the title sponsor, Coca-Cola will feature 3D ads for several of its brands. Kraft Foods and Nestle are a few of the other advertisers already committed to a 3D ad campaign on the network beginning from the launch.

9D Media, owners of the Hispanic 3D Ad Network, has signed contracts to place these screens in numerous other Hispanic store chains beginning in January 2012. "We will have the only national network of "Glasses Free" 3D screens purely directed at the Hispanic consumer," comments Mike Bremner, President of 9D Media.

"Unlike an older technology of "Glasses Free" 3D screens that require the viewer to stand directly in front of the screen to see the 3D illusion, or see absolutely nothing at all, these are big bright beautiful 46 inch flat screen displays that allow the viewer to see the 3D illusion from a full range of view, left to right, in front of the screen" Bremner continues. "Better yet, we’re a media company with a highly skilled animation department NOT a technology company. That means we can produce content for any of the "Glasses Free" 3D screens available on the market today, leaving us the ability to choose the best supplier of 3D screens for our network as the technology continues to improve, and it will !" laughs Bremner.

About 9D Media
9D Media is the only Digital Out of Home Signage Company in the world offering "Glasses Free" 3D advertising, specifically focused at targeting the Hispanic consumer. Each member of the staff at 9D Media has extensive experience in the radio, television, movie or, online industry.


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