Friday, July 22, 2011

Robert Rodrigues Announces New Movies

July 22, 2011 | By Caitlin Bronson

Robert Rodriquez announced that he is planning sequels to “Sin City” and “Machete” at Comic-Con Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

The 43-year-old filmmaker said the “Sin City 2” script is being refined, while “Machete” may see two sequels, one of which will be set in space.

“Even if we don’t get to three, I’m at least making the trailer for three because it’s so good,” Rodriguez told the crowd of 6,500 fans at the San Diego Convention Center. “Machete goes into space! It’s like ‘Moonraker.’”

He also discussed “Spy Kids 4,” his latest film to hit theaters, which will be released in “4-D” next month. According to Rodriguez, the fourth dimension in the movie-going experience is “smell-o-vision,” which will allow audience members to experience scents corresponding with the film on a card they receive at the box office.

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