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Journey Deep Inside the Mysteries of the Mayans in... EXPEDICION MAYA WEEK

Unprecedented Four-Night Programming Event Launches January 24-27 on HISTORY en ESPANOL

NEW YORK, Jan. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ -- Buried beneath the dense jungles of Mesoamerica are relics of a sophisticated civilization that existed thousands of years ago. Although the ancient empire of the Maya had collapsed by A.D. 900, its impact on modern society – from agriculture, architecture and medicine to science, mathematics and language – is undeniably profound.

But the Mayans also left behind many unanswered questions. How did they build their great stone cities and thriving farms in the rainforest? What is the secret to their uncanny grasp of the universe and ability to predict future events? Why did they vanish?

History en Espanol will probe these mysteries and more with EXPEDICION MAYA WEEK, a specially-themed programming block airing at 8-10 pm ET from Monday, January 24 through Thursday, January 27.

Anchoring EXPEDICION MAYA WEEK is Exploracion Maya, the top-rated HISTORY series in Mexico in 2009. In this four-part series, archaeologist Danilo Drakic travels through the areas where Mayan civilization developed and, with help from experts and local inhabitants, investigates possible scenarios that may have brought about its downfall.

Rounding out the week are Lost Worlds: Palenque, a reconstruction of the extraordinary Mayan world in cutting-edge CGI; The Ancient Maya: Power Centers, exploring how the Maya built a world-class metropolis in the jungle; Deep Sea Detectives: Secret Underground Caves, a look at what undersea wrecks can tell us about the lives and fates of the Maya; and Decoding the Past: Mayan Doomsday Prophesy, revealing how the Maya calculated December 21, 2012 as the exact date the world will come to an end.

Below is the programming schedule for EXPEDICION MAYA WEEK airing on History en Espanol, January 24 – 27:

Monday, January 24
8 p.m. – Lost Worlds: Palenque
9 p.m. – Exploracion Maya – Part 1 "Construction and Astronomy"

Tuesday, January 25
8 p.m. – Where Did It Come From? The Ancient Maya: Power Centers
9 p.m. – Exploracion Maya – Part 2 "Wars and Rituals"

Wednesday, January 26
8 p.m. – Deep Sea Detectives: Secret Underwater Caves
9 p.m. – Exploracion Maya – Part 3 "Nutrition and Natural Medicine"

Thursday, January 27
8 p.m. – Decoding The Past: Mayan Doomsday Prophecy
9 p.m. – Exploracion Maya – Part 4 "Trade and Navigation"

HISTORY en ESPANOL is a 24-hour television network dedicated to the Spanish-speaking audience in the United States. It presents a wide range of Spanish-language programming that focuses on the great dramatic moments and events as well as the pivotal figures in history. History en Espanol has emerged as a "must have" for distributors. The network is carried by all major distributors, and is available primarily on Hispanic tiers on systems representing more than 80 million basic subscribers. The channel's website is located at

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