Tuesday, December 28, 2010

U.S. Hispanics Lead in Technology Purchases

By Fernando Rodriguez, AdAge.

Terra's Fernando Rodriguez Analyzes Study Showing Latinos Plan to Buy Products Sooner Than Non-Hispanics and Are More Open to Marketers' Messages

Results from our new Terra ComScore Ad Value Research Study show that the latest in personal electronics would fill the bill nicely. Hispanics own or plan to own new technology, as shown by their intent to purchase e-book readers, tablet PCs, and 3D TVs, at a higher rate than non-Hispanics.

Nearly one-fifth of respondents, or 18%, own an iPad/Tablet PC, with one-third planning to purchase one (vs. 8% and 21% respectively for non-Hispanics). Nearly 40% have or plan to buy the bleeding-edge 3D TV—8% already own one and 30% said they intend to buy one, vs. 4% and 18% respectively for non-Hispanics. Smartphone ownership tells a similar story, with 43% of Hispanics owning a smartphone/PDA vs. 36% of non-Hispanics.

Hispanics' penchant for all things new and digital stems from their affinity with the consumer electronics category itself and is further evidenced by ComScore's cognographic index. This metric is calculated by combining the reach with the intensity of usage for a category of websites. Sites such as BestBuy.com, also available in Spanish (http://espanol.bestbuy.com/enes/ ), and RadioShack.com, which offers customer support in Spanish, fall into this category. In this case, the Spanish-dominant and bilingual Hispanic internet user segments outperform the rest with a cognographic index of 134, meaning that they are 34% more engaged in consumer electronics compared to the average internet user.

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