Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Arcos Dorados: A Company Committed to Latin-American Art

Arcos Dorados joins PINTA NY 2010, the Modern and Contemporary Latin-American Art Show in New York, and sponsors the participation of thirteen artists from seven Latin-American countries.

By sponsoring PINTA, Arcos Dorados strengthens its commitment to Latin-American art and helps establish new strategies in the Latin-American art market and its diffusion.

"As a Latin-American company, we are proud to sponsor new talents of such great potential and thereby promote the art of our region," Arcos Dorados President and CEO Woods Staton says. "These efforts reflect our commitment to our communities, their local cultures and development."

This year, three sections will be presented at PINTA NY: the Galleries space, the Solo Exhibitions space, and the Art Projects space, sponsored by Arcos Dorados, with selections by curator Pablo León de la Barra.

The Art Projects space will feature artists from major galleries, showcasing the cultural diversity and wealth of our region. Artists from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela will present museum-quality works ranging from abstract to figurative to conceptual art, many of which representative of women's voices.

The works were carefully selected by important art experts, including renowned Mexican art consultant and curator Pablo León de la Barra, who contributed his vision to the organization of both solo shows and collective stands. This dual approach allows art lovers, experts and collectors alike an in-depth appreciation of the artists displayed.

According to la Barra, "the selection of artists and galleries participating in the Art Projects at PINTA contributes to promote the understating of Latin America's complex art production as well as expand its reach, formats, languages and themes beyond those limited by cultural, national and regional borders."

Arcos Dorados and Latin American Art
With over 1,800 restaurants in 28 countries and regions, Arcos Dorados is the top restaurant operator in Latin America and the largest franchise of McDonald’s brand across the world. As a Latin American company, Arcos Dorados values the cultural and artistic resources from the region where it operates, so in 2010 it has encouraged and supported artistic talents by promoting events such as the art contest Concurso Arcos Dorados de Arte Latinoamericana and the itinerant art exhibition in Colombia.

The Latin American Art Contest - Concurso de Arte latinoamericano
The first edition of the Arcos Dorados Contest of Latin American Painting took place within the 19th Contemporary Arts Festival, in Buenos Aires, BA 2010, from June 25th to 29th of 2010. For the first time, the company launched an all-new and very important contest such as this to propagate the Latin American contemporary arts.

This year, five Latin American countries celebrate their 200th anniversary, and they were focused by the Arcos Dorados contest: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela. The goal was to stimulate the artists in addition to challenge them to explore each possibility of the art of painting. “El Yo Dividido”, an oil over macocel painting from 2010, was elected by the public as the best work. Its author, Mexican artist Manuel Mathar, was awarded US$8,000.00, and his painting was included in the Arcos Dorados collection. The winner said, “the Arcos Dorados award is a true incentive in a career of a young artist such as myself. Awards of this kind move us ahead to continue creating and producing”.

Itinerant Art Exhibition
Along with the Trade Chamber of Bogotá, Arcos Dorados took to the Colombian capital city an itinerant art exhibition based on the proposition by three contemporary Latin American artists: Beatriz Olano (Colombia), Jaime Gili (Venezuela), and Gerardo Pulido (Chile).

The exhibition takes place within the 6th International Arts Festival, ArtBO 2010, from October 13th to November 16th in the Trade Chamber of Bogotá, Chapinero office.

New York Paints - PINTA
This month, the New York arts festival PINTA - Feria de Arte Latinoamericano Moderno y Contemporáneo is the host of Arcos Dorados, and together they will introduce regional artistic talents, from 12th to 14th of November.

By developing this kind of projects during the year, Arcos Dorados supports the individual expressions of these artists, in addition to empower their countries identities embodied through them.

After three successful editions in New York and a first in London last June, PINTA opens on November 12th and consolidates its position as a leading art fair in two world capitals, establishing new strategies in the Latin American art market and its diffusion, and becoming an essential part of the art world calendar. 50 select art galleries from the United States, Europe, and Latin America will present museum-quality works representative of abstract, concrete, neo-concrete, kinetic and conceptual art, as well as of other contemporary art movements, in a renewed space for a wider public. As part of a strategy to help museums acquire Latin American art for their collections, PINTA has created The PINTA Museum Acquisitions Program to contribute funds to major museums committed to Latin American art. The PINTA Museum Acquisitions Program has been a decisive factor in the significant global re-reading of Latin American art, to which PINTA has contributed greatly since its first NY edition in 2007. This unique approach creates an incentive for institutional commitment toward the acquisition of works exhibited in participating galleries at the fair. In this way, during the celebration of PINTA, museums committed to modern and contemporary Latin American art are given the opportunity to enrich their collections with new works. To this date, PINTA has facilitated $250,000 through its network of sponsor friends to activate a matching funds system. Invited museums match the contributions made through PINTA in order to purchase works of Latin American art during the editions of the fair.

About Arcos Dorados
Arcos Dorados is the largest restaurant operator in Latin America and the largest franchise of McDonald's brand in the world. It is an Latin American company that operates more than 3,200 McDonald's outlets in the region, with 1,800 restaurants, 1,217 dessert centers and 263 McCafe units spread over 28 countries and territories (acting directly in Aruba, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Uruguay and Venezuela and indirectly, as a consultant to licensees, in the Bahamas, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua , Paraguay, Dominican Republic, San Martin, St. Croix and Suriname). With more than 100 000 employees, the company serves more than 4 million customers per day. Besides being one of the five largest employers in the region, Arcos Dorados is also recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Latin America and a major employer of youth in their first job.

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