Monday, October 18, 2010

How Marketers Are Courting Latino Consumers

There's power in numbers – a fact not lost on marketers courting Hispanic and Latino consumers.

Consider these U.S. Census statistics:

•The Hispanic and Latino population in the United States is now estimated at 47.8 million; that's 15.5 percent of the nation's population. In California and Texas today, 37 percent are Latino and Hispanic.
•The number of people who are Hispanic and Latino is projected to double in 40 years. By that time, one in four people in the United States will be of Hispanic origin.
Marketers are taking varied approaches to connect with Hispanic and Latino consumers. Consider these recent initiatives:

NBC Universal's Telemundo: As a Spanish-language broadcast television network in the United States, Telemundo specializes in storytelling, said Borja Perez, VP of integrated solutions and digital media. As a storyteller, including the producer of telenovelas (define), Telemundo can extend those story lines to online audiences and have actors and characters interact with audiences on social networks. For instance, one character for the telenovela, "Donde Esta Elisa?" was featured in webisodes on and in discussions on the show's Facebook page - and not on the TV program.

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