Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Does a Growing Multicultural Market Threaten Multicultural Agencies?

I'm sure you've heard the old saying "you can never get too much of a good thing?" That's been the prevailing notion in regards to the rapidly growing Hispanic population in the U.S., which, together with continued population growth among African-Americans, Asians and other ethnic minority groups, has resulted in a huge multicultural population.

That's definitely been the prevailing opinion among ethnic ad agencies -- the hundreds the Hispanic, African-American and Asian ad agencies out there that have made a good living off of these changing demographics. I've seen many a capability deck or presentation from multicultural ad shops that starts with some variation of this compelling vision of the future: "By 2050, more than half of the U.S. population will be non-white" (that particular stat comes from Nielsen).

What I wonder is if this rapid demographic shift, and the sheer size of some of these minority populations will start to create more of a problem than an opportunity for multicultural ad agencies. Specifically, at what point does a group become too big to be considered a niche requiring a specialist agency?

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