Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Landmark Series “Life” Debuts on Discovery En Español In July

Blockbuster Television Event Narrated by JUANES Offers Audiences a Unprecedented Viewing Experience

Miami, Florida, July 7, 2010 – From the makers of “Planet Earth” and narrated in Spanish by award winning singer, composer Juanes, Discovery en Español debuts VIDA (Life), an epic television event that explores the survival strategies of the myriad of extraordinary living creatures that inhabit our planet. The 10-part natural history series airs on Discovery en Español starting July 26th at 8 PM ET/ 9 PM PT.

More than four years in the making, with over 3,000 days of filming in the field, the series spans every continent and every habitat. Each episode focuses on a different animal or plant group, engrossing viewers with never-before-seen behaviors and extraordinary scenes.

“VIDA offers a fascinating take on the behaviors developed by the different species that share the planet with us. These are stories that viewers can readily identify with because they are about our capacity to adapt and survive,” observed Luis Silberwasser, SVP and General Manager, Discovery Networks U.S. Hispanic Group. “What’s more, we have the honor of collaborating with an artist of the stature of Juanes, who enhances this singular 10 episode voyage.”

This is the first time ever that Juanes will take on a role as narrator and the experience has been a marked one for him: “It was astonishing to work in synchronicity with these amazing stories and images from nature. I enjoyed myself tremendously throughout the entire process. More importantly, I feel that we have created something historic that future generations can enjoy, including my children.”

VIDA is a project of astounding proportions that hits new production highs. It is intimate in its storytelling, yet bigger than life. The series introduces some of the most compelling natural history images ever seen -- many captured for the first time ever on film. These include the first filming of a male humpback whale mating battle (called the “heat run”) from beginning to end; Komodo dragons bringing down an animal 10 times their size in a real-life drama that lasted more than two weeks; a pebble toad rolling down a mountain, bouncing like a rubber ball, to escape a tarantula; the bizarre mating ritual of the elusive Vogelkop bowerbird, found in the deep forests of New Guinea; and an astonishing night scene showing massive numbers of Humboldt squid hunting cooperatively for sardines.

VIDA is a BBC and Discovery Channel co-production. Mike Gunton is the executive producer for the BBC. Susan Winslow is the executive producer for Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel and the BBC also created the award-winning natural history series PLANET EARTH and BLUE PLANET.

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