Friday, June 11, 2010

Online Marketing Budgets: Invest For Success

As marketers begin to better understand and reap the benefits of online marketing, a large pervasive gap remains between the results we are able to achieve through online marketing and the budget we allocate to these efforts. This gap presents a clear and significant opportunity for those who are willing to break from traditional budgeting -- "measured increases" -- and invest in online. Despite the fact that marketers continue to gain rewards of online success, incremental increases breed incremental success and significant opportunity is left on the table.

In 2009, Ford spent 50% of its entire marketing budget online and Intel, which has traditionally spent 15 to 20%, will spend 50% of its marketing budget online (approximately $50 million). Economic times are tough, budgets are being cut, resources are reduced, spending freezes are surfacing, and marketers are asked to deliver more with less. Online can be the lifeline.

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