Friday, April 2, 2010

Allstate Spanish Ads Have Una Voz Familiar

Actor Dennis Haysbert makes his Spanish-speaking debut in new ads from Allstate.

The new TV spots emphasize the importance of having the best protection and assure viewers that "Con Allstate, estás en buenas manos." ("With Allstate, you're in Good Hands.") Since 2003, Haysbert has delivered his trademark baritone, reassuring messages such as "That's Allstate's Stand."

Haysbert will appear in several new spots this year, including one that will launch in April titled "Protection." The ad reinforces the fact that because consumers want to protect their families, Allstate provides them with the best protection at a price that's affordable: "Allstate pone la major proteccion a tu alcance." ("Allstate gives you the best protection that's within your reach.")

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