Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Qué Puedes Esperar(R) Cuando Estás Esperando

NEW YORK, March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Announcing the new Spanish-language translation of What to Expect® When You're Expecting: 4th Edition, America's pregnancy bible, with over 16 million copies in print. Originally published as Qué Se Puede Esperar Cuando Se Está Esperando, this new edition is a livelier, less formal, altogether more user-friendly Spanish-language version.

Approximately 1 million Hispanic American women give birth each year – and this is the pregnancy book they need. QUÉ PUEDES ESPERAR CUANDO ESTÁS ESPERANDO is for Spanish-speaking expectant moms and dads who are more comfortable reading in their familiar first language (especially when they are reading about an experience that may be pretty unfamiliar and bewildering: pregnancy). It's for the many doctors who regularly have trouble communicating effectively with Spanish-speaking patients. This will be the book to turn to for the broad range of Spanish-speaking Americans in the United States -- Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, Mexican Americans, Dominicans, and Spanish-speaking Americans of Spanish and Central and South American descent.

QUÉ PUEDES ESPERAR CUANDO ESTÁS ESPERANDO includes updated answers to every question (and new questions and answers not addressed in previous editions) and practical tips on a whole range of topics. It takes into account what's new in obstetrics, as well as what's relevant and important to pregnant women now. Lifestyle. Working. Eating well on the run. Fitting in fitness. Juggling the pregnant life with real life. Keeping up all aspects of your relationship (including sex). Birthing options that are family friendly and prenatal care that integrates complementary and alternative therapies with traditional obstetrics. Managing multiples (which more and more moms are carrying). Sorting the information from the misinformation -- the reality from the hype, fact from Internet legend.

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