Monday, March 1, 2010

Minority media continues to seek Census dollars

Advocacy group New America Media went before a congressional subcommittee to press the case for more participation by minority media outlets as the massive Census 2010 project gets under way.

The project has double value for all media outlets serving niche communities – not only would they benefit from the business as the government encourages participation, they will enjoy the long-term benefits of an accurate population count – if they are able to show just how many people they serve, the are better able to sell the value as an advertising venue.

The problem is that minorities are traditionally undercounted. There are particular problems getting an accurate count of legal immigrants, particularly among the Hispanic population. Some may have recently moved to the US from countries where they have been made extremely skeptical about engaging in any more government interaction than is absolutely necessary. There are many other factors that go toward making an accurate count difficult to pull off.

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