Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making rich with the metrics

Centre stage. Marketers need to prep themselves for the audience –centric web in 2010, according to John Burbank, CEO of Nielsen Online. OK, just what does this mean? Well, three things.

First of all, the consumer is at the centre of everything, of course. “Small wonder that many brand advertisers only dabble with the web: we’ve given them metrics – clicks, impressions, page views – but those metrics lack context and value and don’t relate to their customers,” Burbank says. “In the audience-centric web, metrics will answer traditional marketing questions: ‘Who saw my ad?’ ‘Did I affect the way they think about my product?’ ‘Did they actually buy more?’”

Second, online is part of the whole, and sophisticated marketers will be able to advertise across channels, supported by consistent media metrics. “A brand’s measure of online impact will be the same as on TV or mobile or print,” he says. “Online publishers will be able to compete – on a level playing field – across media.”

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