Monday, January 25, 2010

LatinWorks Is Ad Age's Multicultural Agency of the Year

NEW YORK ( -- In LatinWorks' Starburst commercial, a llama faces a young man as they both chew contentedly, then with a hand and a hoof feed each other more Starburst candies, selling the message of an intensely juicy treat that people -- and their llamas -- love to share.

"I think we used the word bizarre," said Carole Walker, VP-integrated marketing communications at Mars. "It's really endearing."

Though created by Mars' U.S. Hispanic agency, the spot crossed over from the Hispanic market to general-market TV and into the popular culture in 2009, as people posted their own spoofs on YouTube and tweeted "I wanna eat Starburst with a llama." Mattel's American Girls doll line gave one of its dolls, Chrissa, a white baby llama pet named Starburst. And after a double-digit decline in Hispanic sales, down 27.7% in 2008, Starburst's Hispanic sales shot up 14.8% within three months of LatinWorks' campaign launching.

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