Friday, November 6, 2009

Build A Word-Of-Mouth Campaign

Anyone who has worked in Hispanic marketing has heard this scenario before -- a company with an established presence in the U.S. has decided it wants to pursue the Hispanic market (a consumer market it had previously ignored). Based on some initial research, U.S. Hispanics are generally unfamiliar with their brand and / or products and services but open to using them.
What should the company do?

The first step is more research to understand everything about the Hispanic market vis-à-vis this company's products or services (we'll call them products for simplicity moving forward). More often than not, we arrive back at where we started - Hispanics are generally unfamiliar with the products because they did not use them in their home country. And since arriving in the U.S., and without the trusted advice or recommendation of their large network of family and friends, the brand is in what I call the conundrum of the "Hispanic vicious cycle."

The Hispanic vicious cycle is exemplified by a Hispanic consumer who is unfamiliar with a product, and therefore does not purchase it. And while they would be willing to try the product if recommended by a family member or friend, the fact that their family and friends are also unfamiliar with the product means they will continue to never purchase it.

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