Friday, August 21, 2009

American Airlines: A History of Diversity Magazine Article/- American Airlines understands the rich mixture of cultures and backgrounds represented by its employees, customers and suppliers – as well as the growing number of international destinations it serves. Diversity and corporate citizenship initiatives are woven into the fabric of the business and are seen as a way of life. Each employee is responsible for implementing American’s diversity philosophy of promoting inclusion, and creating an environment where all differences are valued, and where employees can develop to their full potential.

Diversity has long been embraced at American Airlines, which has pioneered a number of diversity-based initiatives over its 80-year history. In fact, American’s diversity philosophy has been overwhelming beneficial to its business and its employees, customers, suppliers and the communities it serves.

Given American’s operations around the world, its workforce is quite diverse, and this includes different perspectives, ideas and various cultures and beliefs. While most companies make a distinction between their diversity and corporate citizenship initiatives, American has developed an innovative strategy that leverages its diversity, corporate citizenship and community involvement company-wide to enhance the work environment, procurement, advertising, sales and marketing. Consistently recognized as a leader in its employee policies for inclusiveness and fairness, American’s policies have helped the company attract and retain high performing, creative employees.

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