Thursday, July 16, 2009

Believe The Hyper: Looking Locally

Relevance is the key to any successful customer strategy today, and local geographic and demographic targeting is a vital component for achieving that relevance. More and more, marketers are turning to digital media to address their need for local targeting ability -- or "hyper-targeting" -- the concept of pinpointing specific high-value audiences or cohorts within broader targets.

Hyper-targeting is not only en vogue, it's a mandate. Every form of digital media is going hyper local - from your Twitter profile to branded social platforms to your Facebook page and local search. And while traditional media will always provide the scale marketers need, they continue to seek out ways to localize their message to each individual market or audience. As a result of this trend, agencies are feeling the demands of clients that want to advertise locally, but buy on a national level across multiple markets. These planning needs are getting more granular daily and understanding local markets from a national seat can present a steep challenge for both marketers and agencies.

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