Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Waking Up To The Word On Multicultural Marketing

For an entire period within digital, there has been a serious move to organize around and get smart on multicultural marketing. On the agency side and internally within brand organizations -- we organized for it, designated directors of it -- and certainly started to buy and sell media with multicultural audiences in mind. New businesses emerged: media ad and publisher networks, creative production enterprises, niche agencies. Larger agencies feeling the gap acquired boutique specialists and deemed them multicultural divisions. Thought leadership and programming reflected the focus on understanding diverse markets -- panels, roundtables, workshops and speakers everywhere took on the topic of "multicultural marketing."

It was a line drawn. We always knew who to go to within our agencies to get driving insights, market intelligence, a helping hand with retooling a plan. It always seemed awkwardly compartmentalized.

In fact, through all this, if you were really listening, it seemed like the people who really knew the business of this discipline, early on began dismissing or qualifying the term, the very word "multicultural." The declaration, "All marketing essentially is multicultural" has been thrown down more than once by people who know what time it is. And the really savvy ones had very specific directional advice that the market now seems to be heeding.

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