Thursday, April 30, 2009

Data-Link: Latin-Pak Links Direct Mail, Email and Mobile Databases

SAINT LOUIS, MO, April 30, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Latin-Pak, a pioneer in Hispanic Direct Marketing presents its information data link abilities. Since its 1996 inception, Latin-Pak has been building and enhancing their Hispanic database capabilities, which now includes: direct mail, email and mobile. While each database is valuable unto itself having unique characteristics, Latin-Pak has the ability to link information from all databases providing clients with powerful data integration for more precise direct marketing campaigns.

Asked how it works, Vince Andaloro, President/CEO of Latin-Pak replied, " We consult with our clients on the goals of their marketing project or campaign. Using analysis of the many facets of their marketing campaign and product, we outline the demographics of the Hispanic consumer they are targeting. We are able to link information from our email, direct mail and mobile phone lists to create a database that will complement their marketing goals. We can utilize the data to reach the targeted demographics effectively using a combination of delivery means: one, two or all three. We can also take the more specific demographic characteristics of one database (email), run a count and link this very targeted list to another database (home address) for a more precise target of the desired means of delivery (home address)."

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