Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Rules for Brand Management in Emerging Markets

Economic uncertainty is forcing many companies to re-examine (or second guess) their global marketing strategies. At the same time, the brand management rules in key emerging markets in APAC and MENA keep evolving and are being rewritten. While the global economic crisis is one catalyst for the shift, it is by no means the only one – and U.S. marketers will lose their edge if they fail to understand what it means for them.

Emerging markets are legacy-free markets. They are unencumbered by an entrenched history of marketing and branding standards and ideology. Enormous cash hoards have been built up with the impact of two decades of rapid growth. Consumers in emerging markets are increasingly sophisticated. And the financial crisis, for once, is hitting Western economies. How does this change the rules for brand management in emerging markets?

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